HPC Power and Services for smart Developer of the future
HPC Power and Services for smart Developer of the future



The AI revolution starts with us

What We Do

 We want to build the largest developer community around high-performance cloud computing and the first one–stop shop for smart solutions and services related to applied data sciences 


 The job of a developer is to develop smart code – we will provide you with the tools to work in the most efficient way


 One of the biggest challenges is to find the right talent to develop smart solutions – our services will help you to get the job done. Run your project on our Elastic HPC platform and have the power you need on demand 

Our Platform contains these services

smartHPC Community


Want to broaden your horizon or extend your reach? Join our community to discuss ideas, source solutions and do business 

Training & Certification Hub


 Learn about data science to stay relevant in the upcoming wave of artificial intelligence. We will guide you along and award skill certificates to make you stand out 

Trading Hub


Looking to sell your code or services safely? Let us handle the commercial side and stay focused on what you are good at 

Project & Talent Hub


Looking for smart developers or a new challenge? We will match the best talent to your project and find you the best job for your skills 

Software & Solutions Hub


No one knows about your code or data? Come into our showroom to reach the audience it deserves or just keep yourself informed on the latest developer toolkits 

HPC Power Hub


Need a better deal on high-performance cloud computing to finish your project in your budget? Now you should really check us out…

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„smartHPC wants to deliver the most relevant services and our founders would like to learn about your needs, wishes and ideas for our data science community, where enterprises and developers can exchange ideas and find solutions, talent, projects and services for education, commercialisation of code and great deals for high-performance cloud computing. Please feel free to share your thoughts and to enquire on our services. 

Smart solutions for smart Developers